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Have a question? Our FAQ section answers many of the questions our customers commonly ask. It’s the fastest way to get the information you need.


Wholesale FAQS


Shipping and Delivery

  • Once I have completed my order, can I make changes to it?
    If your payment has not been processed, we will be able to cancel your order, and place a new order with the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, after the payment has been processed, we are unable to make adjustments to your order.

  • Can I change the shipping address information on my order?
    We may not be able to change shipping address information if the order has already been shipped. If you have not received a shipping confirmation via email for your order, we can assist you with a change of information. Contact our customer service team and they will verify your account information and proceed with changes after verification.

  • Does Syndicate Distribution offer free shipping?
    Syndicate Distribution does not offer free shipping on orders. However, we do offer the best prices, unmatched customer service, loyalty reward points, and discounts to our customers.

  • How do I calculate shipping?
    Shipping costs depend on the carrier and destination. After you’ve added items to your cart, you can view a shipping quote before you finalize the order.

  • Are shipments insured?
    Syndicate does not insure shipments, but insurance can be purchased through your selected mail carrier.

  • What is the average delivery time?
    The average time for a shipment to be delivered to an address in the United States and the EU is 2-3 days. Shipping time varies outside of the United States based on country. You will receive an email once your order has shipped. The Syndicate Distribution website also gives our customers the ability to track their orders throughout the process. If you have any other shipping questions, please contact your account manager.

  • Does Syndicate offer drop-shipping?
    At this time, Syndicate Distribution does not offer drop-shipping to our wholesale accounts.


  • What is the return policy?

    The Syndicate Distribution Return Policy states that a product CANNOT be returned unless it was damaged while it was controlled by the supplier or it was shipped incorrectly.

  • Does Syndicate Distribution accept returns on e-liquid?
    Taste is a very subjective sense that will vary greatly from person to person and unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on e-liquid that doesn’t meet personal flavor expectations. In accordance with our strict Quality Control Guidelines, e-liquid that’s returned due to damage will never be re-used for any purpose.

  • What if my shipment was returned due to an incorrect address?

    If a shipment gets returned to us due to an incorrect address, then we will contact the customer via the phone number or email address on file to get the updated address information. We will reship your package as soon as we have the updated information.

    Note: Customer will be responsible to pay the original shipping charges on the order again.

    If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department.

  • What if my shipment was returned after failed delivery attempts?

    If a shipment gets returned to us due to failed delivery attempts, then we will contact the customer via the phone number or email address on file to get the updated information. We will reship your package as soon as we have the updated information.

    Note: Customer will be responsible to pay the original shipping charges on the order again.

    If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department.

  • Is there a warranty on defective hardware?
    Syndicate Distribution offers a 60-day warranty (starts the date of purchase) on all hardware. The warranty provides coverage for manufacturer defects but doesn’t cover defects that are caused by user-error.


  • Is the Syndicate Distribution website available in my local language?
    A local language option is available in select markets, but this tool is constantly being updated. Please log in to see updates with the available flag icons to choose a language.

  • Where can I find TPD-related documents on the website?
    Once logged in, you can access the Resource Center, which has material safety data sheets and ECID numbers.

  • Where can I find detailed flavor descriptions to help sell e-liquids to the end user?

    On the Syndicate website, click the   icon next to the product name to see a detailed description.

  • Do you have Skype capabilities?
    Yes. After your account is approved, you will have the ability to communicate with a dedicated Syndicate Distribution Wholesale Account Manager via telephone, email, and Skype.


    Samples: Due to our large customer base and the selection we offer, we are not always able to keep samples for every e-liquid bottle we sell. To make it easier, we ask customers to use their loyalty points. Your loyalty points give you a coupon code. Using the coupon code, you can get e-liquid for free, depending on the number of points you have. If you do not have enough points, we can give you courtesy points. Please call or email our customer service team for more information.

    To check your Loyalty Reward Points you must be signed in to your account and click the “Check My Points” icon.

Product Information

  • What are Syndicate Distribution’s top-selling e-liquid flavors?

    Top-selling e-liquid flavors vary by market. At Syndicate Distribution, we’re committed to being your global solution, only carrying the best-in-category vaping products per market. To check out our offerings in your market, please visit your region’s website or contact your account manager.

  • How do shake ‘n’ vapes and concentrates work?

    Shake ‘n’ vape bottles are nicotine free and offer a way to get the desired amount of nicotine without any restrictions. The shake ‘n’ vape bottles are bigger, but they aren’t completely filled. For example, a 100ml bottle may consist of just 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid. This allows room for nic shots, 10ml bottles of e-liquid with nicotine, to be added and provide the desired strength to an e-liquid.

    Flavor concentrates appeal to do-it-yourself vapers who like to mix their own e-liquid. The ingredients needed to make a custom e-liquid are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring (or concentrate). Concentrates are what determine the taste of a finished e-liquid.

  • What is the dilution percentage of concentrates?

    Dilutions vary between brands. Contact the manufacturer to get an exact percentage.

    The dilution percentage for the brands we carry is illustrated below:

  • What are nicotine salts?
    Nicotine Salts come from nicotine that is formed naturally in tobacco leaves from salts and other organic elements. Nic Salts provide fast and powerful nicotine delivery, without being too harsh on the throat or lungs. Nic Salts provide a truer, more satisfying cigarette-like experience than “freebase” or regular e-liquids. As a result, Nic Salts are a product that many transitioning smokers and former smokers use to satisfy cravings without the downsides of combustible tobacco cigarettes.

  • What is the difference between a manual and an automatic battery?

    Automatic batteries offer an experience most similar to smoking an actual cigarette, so they are typically preferred by new vapers and vapers who use smaller, pod devices. Automatic batteries are activated by air flow, so there’s nothing for the user to do other than to inhale. With manual batteries, users must press a small button to get the unit to start working. Once the button is released, the unit will shut off. Manual batteries are typically preferred by experienced vapers who prefer more control over their vaping experience.

My Account

  • How long does it take for my account to become active?
    Accounts are approved by close of the next business day. You will receive an email with your username and password once your account is approved.

  • Can I have more than one email address linked to my account?
    No. For security purposes, only one email address can be linked to an account.

  • Can I have multiple delivery addresses saved under my account?
    Yes. The website has an address book tool that allows you to save multiple addresses. You can choose a destination from your address book at checkout.


  • Can I order for several countries?
    Yes, contact your account manager for specific needs.

  • Do you accept PayPal as a form of payment?
    Unfortunately, because PayPal has a policy against nicotine, we are unable to accept PayPal as a form of payment. We do, however, accept the PayPal Visa or Mastercard. Syndicate Distribution also accepts payment via money wire, ACH bank transfer, credit card, certified check, and business check. To see which payment option best suits your organization, please refer to the Payments tab at order checkout.